Visit from Rev Bill Crews

Recently, Rev Bill Crews was introduced to our School Assembly, as one of Australia’s 100 “National Living Treasures”. Rev Bill Crews operates the Exodus Foundation, which provides daily free meals for the homeless and disadvantaged people in the surrounding area of Ashfield and Liverpool.

Our School Assembly warmed to Bill’s ‘straight from the heart’ messages and answers to student questions like: “How can I know what my path is?” Bill acknowledged the pressures of personal and academic expectations from family, to which he added: “Welcome to life!” He challenged students to be themselves and to follow their own path.

Although Bill said that he is a follower of Jesus, he also claimed to be a close friend of the Dali Lama with whom he served several hundred meals to homeless persons, in Sydney. Pal School students eagerly expressed interest to work with Bill’s new services in the Liverpool region that also includes serving meals to the needy and commencing a new School for disadvantaged students.

Another student asked: “Do you follow the teachings of Buddha?” Bill replied that he is a Christian but Buddhism also influences his life and sees the teachings as being similar. He talked about how Christianity is influenced by Buddhism from the earliest times and he employs Buddhist philosophies in his actions with people.

Bill concluded his presentation with the thought: “In the end, what matters is love; everything else is forgotten”.

For more information on Bill Crews’ work, click here.