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Message from our Spiritual Advisor:

“Siddartha Gautama was born to a wealthy and leading family of the Sakyan Republic in North-Western India, 2500 years ago. At the age of 29, he shaved off his hair and beard, put on the yellow robe and went forth from the home life into a life of ascetic homelessness in search for the way to the cessation of suffering. The ascetic Gautama, after 6 years of heroic striving, searching, sacrifice and investigation found that way, and at the age of 29, became the Buddha, the Awakened One. But that was not his crowning achievement. His greatest of achievement and gift to humanity was his formulation of the way into discreet and memorable teachings for the education of who would hear, and the creation of a community and movement of students who would become one of the greatest civilians forces in the history of humankind.

For too long the Buddha’s simultaneously transcendental and world-transforming message has been left lopsided on the side of the transcendental. Let us utilise all of the Buddha’s profound teachings about everyday life, family, community, business, education, government, economy and more to shed light on our troubled times. I can think of no better place to plant the seeds of this revelation, than in the fresh and hopeful minds of the young. By carefully integrating the best of modern technology with the Buddha’s ancient wisdom, Pal Buddhist School is at the forefront of educational innovation and efficacy. It is my pleasure and privilege to be able to contribute to that story.”

– Bhante Jason

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