Our History

Many people ask why we decided to open the School in a developing part of Sydney, i.e. Canley Vale. Of course, Pal Buddhist School would have drawn greater interest and publicity had it been first established in the more affluent Eastern suburbs of Sydney. However, we established this school here in 2013 because our immediate community needs it. Some families who now call Australia their new home have come from countries that have been wrecked by disaster. The first generation parents and grandparents who not only lost their homes, but also their community, all had one hope in common: to see their next generation united in a community which celebrates tradition and heritage while also embracing the equal opportunities in this country.

Throughout Sydney, our south-western suburbs surrounding Cabramatta/Bankstown have been known by many negative stereotypes. However, the reality is that there are many honest and hardworking people here. There are many great students, lawyers, engineers, doctors and leaders who have been produced in our area.

Our aim is and has always been to have a platform where the positive achievements we make for the Australian community can be celebrated and recognised. Our people have always needed threads, with which to patch and mend the torn fabric of a disunited community.

We believe that one important thread for the fabric of a united community is education; a School; a place where our next generation can be nurtured and developed.


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