Vision & Mission

logo-blue-text At Pal Buddhist School, our core values are student-focused. We aim to produce students who are:

  • Academically successful.
  • Virtuous.
  • Wise.
  • Equanimous and mindful.

Together, these four values of a student-focused education are what makes a student a holistic, lifelong learner.

To build a student who has the Dharma heart and mind in them, we instil the following four principles in our education pedagogies.

1. Small class sizes

We maintain an authentic learning environment for students to feel comfortable to question, learn from their mistakes, and engage with their Teachers.

2. Selecting the Best Quality Teachers

Our Teachers are true leaders; true leaders do not dictate answers but pose questions that need to be asked. To teach is to lead, and to lead is to draw out the potential from our students. We believe that only the very best Teachers can help students realise their own gifts and talents.

3. Technology-based learning

We are one of the first schools to adopt paperless classrooms. In our classrooms, you will find that we use technology in a unique and innovative way, to overcome the typical challenges of teaching a group of students to:

  • maintain their attention to the knowledge being taught
  • maintain their interest and keep them engaged throughout the lesson; and
  • to inspire their imagination on the subject being taught through storytelling, sound and visual effects, and hands-on practical interactivity whenever possible.

4. A Smart & Wise Education System

The Smart & Wise student mindset is developed through two ways:

  1. The teaching of the philosophy of the Buddha (virtue, wisdom, concentration) through our Dharma classes, meditation, and martial arts classes.
  2. A worldly student mentality is developed through our collaboration with upper Sydney schools such as Macquarie Grammar School in Sydney CBD and The Athena School in Newtown.

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