Vision & Mission

22 global precepts for all staff and students:

To refrain from:

And to cultivate:

Killing living beings and physical violence Compassionate action towards all living beings
Taking what is not given Contentment and generous actions
Sexual misconduct Respect for all genders
Speaking falsehood Truthful speech
Speaking divisively Speech that encourages friendship and forgiveness
Speaking harshly Beautiful and uplifting speech
Speaking idle chatter Meaningful and relevant speech
Covetousness and materialistic thinking Contentment and non-materialistic thinking
Aggressive and nasty thinking Compassionate thinking
Reckless, victim-status-based and irresponsible thinking The view that all actions have consequences and
thus we should all take full responsibility for all the
consequences of our personal actions and choices
The use of alcohol and intoxicants A love of sobriety, clarity and wisdom

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