Semester 2 Awards Night

Thank you to all our parents and supporters who came to recognise and celebrate our student achievements at the Semester 2 Awards Night! It was a wonderful event highlighted by teacher showcases, musical performances, food and student awards.

Here are some of the distinguished non-academic awards:

  • Principal’s Award – Alice Tran
  • Leadership Award – Kevin Huynh
  • Award of Karuna (compassion) – Sophia Tran
  • Award of Mudita (sympathetic joy) – Thanh Xuan Nguyen
  • Award of Uppekha (equanimity) – Thant Synn Win
  • Award of Metta (loving kindness) – Oshiania Gunawan
  • SRC Award
  • Premier’s Volunteer Recognition – Alison Nguyen, Jesica Tran, Annie, Yuan, Oshiania Gunawan, Melissa Trieu, Peter Tang, Alice Tran, Sophia Tran, Kevin Huynh, Sucianna Gunawan
  • Rueben F Scarf Award – Peter Tang
  • Sublime Virtues Award – Robert Tran

Of course, this does not include our Academic awards, all of which we are proud.

Well done, students!