Semester 1 Awards Night

Yesterday marked the final day of term 2 though we ended on a high note by celebrating the diligence and efforts of our young students. We applaud the hard-work of those who received first place and most improved across all subjects. But not only do we focus on academic excellence, we commended the students who displayed great leadership throughout the semester as well virtues – handing out our metta, upekkha, mudita and karuna awards. Thank you family and friends of Pal who joined us in this ceremony of excellence. Thank you to our special guests – figures of the community who have been supporting our School immensely, Mrs. Karen So, Mr and Mrs Ong, Mr and Mrs Staenic and Mr. De Silva. Last but not least, thank you to our Staff for putting this show together!

We hope everyone has a safe holiday! Term 2 of school resumes on 17 July 2017.