Peer Support

The Aim:

Our Peer Support Program will aim to develop good mental health among the young people and have them become more involved in community life. Students will have the opportunity to feel connected to their school and peers, along with feeling supported by teachers. They will aim to develop more positive family links and have a sense of belonging and worth by learning skills for being resilient. Students will have a focus on social skills, being able to communicate emotions and the ability to think optimistically.
Peer Support has been operating at Pal Buddhist School and Year 10 students who become leaders are very committed, valuing their experiences with Peer Support in Year 7 and the opportunity to develop leadership skills now they are in Year 10.

Students practise the skills to support their peers in leading healthier and safer lifestyles and help Year 7 students adjust to a daunting new environment after Primary School.

The Year 10 students are trained by teachers in Term 4 of Year 9 using the Peer Support Foundation documentation.

The Leaders work in teams of two with six Year 7 students. The first Peer Support session is on the first day of school for Year 10 and continues throughout the year during selected Year 7 Values Education classes where the teacher assists in monitoring the small groups. Teachers are not expected to participate in the Peer Support sessions.

The Peer Support Leaders have all the necessary materials supplied.

Outcomes of an effective Peer Support Program:

  • building positive relationships
  • developing and enhancing skills
  • enhancing mental health
  • taking personal responsibility
  • fostering lifelong learning
  • developing key concepts
  • encouraging participation

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