Environmental Committee

The Environment Committee comprises teachers and students with an interest in and concern for the general environment, particularly that of Pal Buddhist School and its local area.


  • To improve the physical, natural environment of Pal Buddhist School
  • Increase students’ awareness of environmental issues
  • Reduce waste and increase recycling at the school
  • Co-ordinate the environmental activities of the school


  • Reintroduce local native vegetation from the local area to the school site
  • Raise the awareness of Year 7 students about the school environment and the environment in general
  • Each year, the Environmental Committee students prepare and plant a shrub in the grounds and take care of it
  • Organise the School’s annual Environment Week in November
  • Assistto reduce the School’s environmental footprint.


  • Mr G Neubronner – Co-ordinator


  • Paper recycling
  • Tree planting
  • Energy reduction
  • Eco Snap Shot
  • StreamWatch
  • Tree Planting

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