What do our alumni have to say about Pal Buddhist School?

Cindy Tran, Alumni 2015

During my time at Pal Buddhist School, I have gained confidence in approaching others and have learned about the need to take initiative. The world is not always going to give and so I must learn how to be selfish enough to love myself. In doing so, I was able to gain the respect of everyone around me and was able to feel more at ease with who I was and how I acted.

There are so many different people at this school and the community is something that I have learned to cherish over time. All the support and love I’ve received from both students and teachers has boosted my confidence in so many ways. Because of this I am always willing to give back what I can.

Jordan Le, Vice Captain 2015

How has Pal changed me? Pal has changed me, or rather my mindset to expect the unexpected and cherish every moment that you have in high school. High school is very much a one-off experience. It is something that you can’t replicate. It is a time that you can only live once, and cherish one time. High school, contrary to common belief, goes by very quickly and in a blink of an eye it will pass you.

Jessica Luong, School Captain 2015

If you showed me the person I was two years ago, I would not be able to recognise myself. Pal has completely changed me, both academically and emotionally, into someone whom I am now proud to be.




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