Students at Pal Buddhist School would like to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, donors and supporters!


Generous Donations to our School!

Pal Buddhist School would like to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Paget Sayers for his generous donation of $200,000 toward the building of our school! His kind and giving spirit embodies the very Buddhist spirit that serves to further the education of our students here at Pal Buddhist School. Thank you!

Mr. Sayers is a well-known Buddhist philanthropist notable for founding the Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre in Sydney. He is now actively providing aid to Cambodian villages in need with fresh water supplies. Sayers is also the founder for Dental Aid, a humanitarian programme which delivers basic dental services to the children who live in Cambodia’s 4th largest city, Kampot. The aim is to provide free preventative and primary care to the children in the Kampot Province.

For more information, please visit the Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre to learn more about all the wonderful and charitable work done by the organisation.

If you wish to sponsor our cause, please contact us for more information. We not only accept monetary donations but also the resources, effort and skills provided by volunteers wishing to help build the School.

Pal Buddhist School is grateful for any and all contributions to the School!

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