Paperless Classroom

There is no doubt that technology is increasing exponentially, and thereby the way people are using it to learn is evolving and changing. In our implementation of teaching programs, we focus on the idea of connected learning: that is, students see that the world becomes an opportunity to learn and that it does not just happen in the classroom, but everywhere they are and every minute of the day.

Imagine a student coming to school without the need to carry a heavy bag filled with text books. At Pal Buddhist School, our classrooms are paperless, and their limited books become a tablet filled with limitless opportunities to learn and discover. Using cloud-based interactivity, we have transformed cutting-edge technology into learning tools, bringing our multi-dimensional classroom to life.

We use the latest and most innovative classroom technologies to engage, maintain students’ interest, and inspire their love for learning. This type of learning is where they can awaken their sense of creativity and empowerment in their ideas, thoughts, and learned concepts. Our school brings out the potential of students so that they can become active and resourceful learners in a modern world – a place where they not only learn, but also create and share knowledge.

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