How to apply

Please read this information carefully.

  1. Please read our Pre-enrolment Information, Student Engagement before Enrolment Policy and Assessing English Language Proficiency Procedurecarefully.
  2. Download and complete the Enrolment Form in PDF format.
  3. Ensure that you have attached all the relevant documents:
    1. One certified true copy of qualifications (including an IELTS test result or its equivalence, if any) must be enclosed and translated into English, if necessary.
    2. A copy of your passport.
  4. Return the completed Application Form and the necessary documents to:

Enrolment Officer
Pal Buddhist School
PO Box 6073 Canley Vale Sydney NSW  2166
Tel: +612 9755 7778
Email: enrolments@pal.nsw.edu.au

If your application is successful you will receive a Letter of Offer, for the nominated course.  We will advise you about fee payment (including the non-refundable AUD$100 Enrolment Fee), how to apply for your visa and arrangements for your airport pick-up and accommodation if required.  For information concerning student visas to Australia, please refer to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website at www.immi.gov.au.  Alternatively, contact Pal Buddhist School, directly via telephone.

Once we receive your fees and confirm you have signed our Application Declaration on the Application Form, we will send you an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE); this is to be used to apply for your student visa.

 Students Applying whilst in Australia

  1. Submit your form in person to the Enrolment Officer at 14 First Avenue, Canley Vale, Sydney.
  2. The Registrar will process your documentation and confirm a time for you to complete an English Placement Test. 
  3. Upon completion of the reading you will be asked to wait whilst the assessment is evaluated.

Students applying whilst overseas

  1. Attend a meeting in person with the School agent.
  2. If you meet the School academic requirements and English requirements of an IELTS of 5.0 (Yrs 7 – 10), 5.5 (Yrs 11 – 12), the agent will organise your enrolment procedure into Pal Buddhist School.
  3. If you do not meet the School IELTS entry requirement, the agent will organise registration into a front-end English course (HSP — High School Preparation) followed by entry into Pal Buddhist School.


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