African music incursion!

Student reports by Years 10 Sophia Tran and Robert Tran

On the 2nd of December 2015, the students of Pal Buddhist School were fortunate enough to experience a 50 minute performance from “African Beat”, a traditional African Drumming group. The group presented a performance called “Salaka”, meaning “Sharing” in Ghana.

Students were able to experience an enjoyable, informative, and interactive performance where they had the pleasure to witness the rich culture and rhythms of Africa. Guest host: Mustafa Borketey Mensah Tettey allowed the students to; dance, sing and have a firsthand experience with the traditional drums such as the Djembe. While some students were invited to play the larger drums such as the Dundunba, some of their classmates were able

to express themselves through dancing to the rhythm. Both students and teachers were invited to play their own African drum provided by the group. While singing traditional song call “Kelele”. Although it was a hot day, students enjoyed themselves within the energetic atmosphere where they were immersed in the music and dance.